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Home Owners


As a homeowner and end-user, you want a wastewater treatment system” that ensure “functionality and continuity“ for long duration. When you flush the toilet or pour liquefied waste down in the drain, you don’t need to have to worry about where it goes. Wastewater can vary depending on the source. Property owners’ of wastewater treatment systems (commonly referred to as sewage treatment systems) should be aware that anything going down sinks/in drains, will pass through the system and potentially end up in the environment.

Domestic wastewater is water that is discharged from plumbing fixtures, appliances, toilets, bath, laundry, and dishwashers in a residence. Commercial (high strength) wastewater comes from businesses, restaurants and manufacturing plants.

Sewage is waste water carrying waste as solution or suspension that is intended to be removed from toilets to treatment tank through sewer connections. Also known as domestic waste water.

It is characterized by volume or rate of flow, physical condition, chemical and toxic constituents, and its bacteriologic status

Sewage consist of both Grey and black water

Greywater is all waste water generated in households or office buildings from streams without faecal contamination,

Sources of greywater include sinks, showers, baths, cloths washing machines or dish washers.

Blackwater is waste water generated in flush toilets containing faeces or other human body waste &toilet paper.

“Dual piping & One Tank Dual Treatment”
Whether you are building single family homes, clustered subdivisions, commercial properties, and/or planning the renovation of existing failing system with dual piping in place/planning to segregate sewage into gray and black water treatments you need a plant that suits your need.

With our “One Tank Dual Treatment” we can help you save your 30% to 50% of capital cost as well as with the sewage load reduction upto an average 30% of combined load of waste water (both grey and black water) you save a substantial capital and maintenance cost. Give us call to know more……

ABIL wastewater processing system is the most advanced technology available in India. We use biologically derived cultured Soil Bacterial inoculants to break down sewage pollutants into its basic mineral elements like Co22, N2, and P2, resulting in clear, odorless water. Which can be for urban usage like recycling water for toilet flushing, car washing, floor washing etc.. Combining this sound scientific process with innovative technology to produce the most advanced, effective and efficient sewage and Bio-wastewater processing system.

Our Aerobic biotechnology mimics nature. It uses nature’s Aerobic soil Bacteria to covert wastewater in to reusable water lowering the Capital & Operational costs. (Energy cost & low carbon foot print)

Vortex does not produce Green House gases like Methane.