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Govt : Regulators

Govt : Regulators


When it comes to protecting our natural resources, state and local health officials serve as our country’s front-line preservationists. They monitor, evaluate and regulate our activity impact on the local environment and work towards keeping pollution and contamination of our environment, water and waterways to an acceptable level. As a public health expert and official, you know the importance of bio-wastewater systems that work for users and the environment alike. Without adequate and uncontaminated water in rivers and lakes, we can’t maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems or supply communities with reliable drinking water.

Heightened public awareness means consumers want to cut their costs for water and wastewater service, and protect the environment at the same time. We manage wastewater safely, economically and effectively for any project with innovation and advanced technology that doesn’t compromise on quality or environmental issues.

At ABIL, we believe that greater water efficiency means savings for consumers, communities, and the nation’s publicly funded water and wastewater infrastructure.

Wastewater management has to address the issue of population growth and increasing development, and our onsite system is a significant step in changing how bio-wastewater gets treated today—so we can all live better tomorrow. Assured ”Functional and continuity “ treatment plant

ABIL employ and contract highly skilled experts in the various fields of study that contribute toward bioremediation, including environmental engineers, hydrologists, microbiologists, chemists, mechanical and civil engineers. They will assist in mitigating or retrofitting your existing systems making it free from odor & sludge. They also assist in planning your future projects to design systems that will not only meet required local regulations, but exceed those standards and expectations of your client.