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Need a total integrated waste water system for your existing or next project, or need to solve a vexing wastewater problem? Look no further than ABIL!

We offer on-site scalable sanitation systems for every project. Our systems are adaptable, designed to suit space limitations, to process domestic households, apartments, communities, industrial, residential, marine and municipal sewage waste water.


ABIL Bioremediation Treatment tanks because of adaption of an innovative bioremediation process, can be versatile and flexible built on sideways, set off areas, under pathways, car parks or as overhead structures to conserve space and Prefabricated Tanks are further flexible that can be installed on parapet or rooftop of buildings.

Our odorless colorless water outflow from secondary treatments can be re-cycled and reused for urban needs like toilet flushing, floor/car washing, cooling towers and even more. This can also be reintroduced to the groundwater without further treatment and will meet the local regulatory requirement.


OTDS Our one tank dual treatment is ideally suited for dual piping design and saves cost by lowering the sewage load and treatment cost of both capital and maintenance, operation etc design is viable for existing dual piping system or future building that reduces 70% sewage load in a sewage treatment segment process thus saving capital and operational cost. We have installed over dozen plants in last eight months which are our testimonials.

OTDS treats grey water & black water separately in primary & secondary treatments and converge them in tertiary treatment. The system functions continuously giving stable results that meet the standards set by regulatory authorities. For further info contact us…..


Industrial waste waters are complex in nature based on their origins from different stages of manufacturing and the complexity of effluent from simple to high based on toxicity. Present treatment process of mixing the different characteristic waters create the complex nature and the whole treatment becomes tedious and prohibitively costly because of the size of the plant and assorted sludge loads.

ABIL has come up with a bio technology designed with extended research experience & expertise from international renowned advisories, which is a most effective, simple in nature, low cost, low energy consuming, efficient & reliable system with output meeting consistently regulatory norms.

ABIL has designed a treatment process that treats the effluents in multiple stages in deferent chambers depending on their different characteristics and their volumes such as from a few hundred to million litres generated deferent stages of manufacturing in industrial complex . A single tank with different input of effluents located conveniently and treated primarily to stabilize in to nature. This primary treatment can be multi stage chambers using consortium of microorganism to transform or degrade the basic toxic characteristic of individual influent to a common form. The secondary stage treatment where transformation or degradation and lastly bioremediation will set off with deferent consortium of microorganism who will thrive to convert to elementary form.


Our systems are extremely efficient, cost effective, and viable. Your customer will appreciate your choice of an ABIL system when you solve his/her waste water problem with less initial cost and lower operating costs than any other equivalent alternative system. And, your clients will be thrilled to know that you’ve chosen the most environmentally sustainable water conserving system available, worldwide.

Our systems excel when applied to:

  • Single-family residences
  • Multi-family residences
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Food processors
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural waste ponds
  • Train depots
  • Military (portable) installations
  • Villages
  • Towns
  • Municipalities
  • Ships
  • Marinas
  • Islands
  • Desert areas (conserves water)
ABIL employs and contracts highly skilled experts in various fields of study that contribute towards bioremediation, including environmental engineers, hydrologists, microbiologists, chemists, mechanical and civil engineers. Will assist you in mitigating or retrofitting your existing system and make it free from odor & sludge. Also assist in planning your future project to design systems that will not only meet required local regulations, but also exceed those standards and expectations of your client.

For more information or Appointment mail us : info@aerobicbiotaxy.in