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Research and Developments

Research and Developments

Company’s core activities are focused to product development necessitated by evolution of new characteristics of influents in the treatment plant because human habitat and life styles are creating new entries of pollution into the system day by day. Our R&D is continuous process and back bone of the organization. Where 12% of gross income is committed to directly to R&D.

The company is in the process of building a R&D Centre with 2000 square metres by the end of this fiscal year to succeed with our mission. The company is associated with various internationally recognized scientific community to exchange the views & directions for technological advancement.

The company is seeking passionate members committed to environment technology to become the part of our team and also to patronage advisors and consultants in the field of environment bio technology.

Research and Developments Enterprise

Above all, one of the main core activity we put our focus on Research & Development, and curious about solving pollution problems through applied microbiology in innovative technology & engineering to develop world class, first of its kind sustainable innovative products to bioremediation of vast verity hazards pollutants to support clean environment.

Highly skilled experts from various fields of sciences contributing towards bio-remediation work tirelessly and passionately towards the development of highly effective environment-friendly bio remediation technology solutions for the pollution created by industries and human habitat.

Pollutants can be formed in several ways. One such way is as a by-product that is highly toxic and formed during the manufacturing process. Our research scientists study these pollutants produced in the industries and design customised bio-remedial solutions to counter the threat.

Our research ream include environmental engineers, hydrologist, microbiologist, and chemists, mechanical and civil engineers. We also contract well equipped labs with the highest standards and state-of-the-art equipment and disposal systems.


Our company is committed to spending 10-15% of gross income on R&D with new products to make Bio-remedial treatment convenient, easy to operate, functional and consistent.

70% of our R&D activity is directed towards pollutants, detection of these in highly damaging therapeutically and pharmaceutical wastes; highly contaminated hormones, psychiatric drugs, carcinogens and pharmaceutical residues, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)and Pharmacological Personal Care products(PPCP), unused medicines, plus surface cleaners and chemicals. To save human genetic safety from deformation of genes and improve effectiveness in medical therapeutic treatments