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Industrial Waste Management

Industrial Waste Water

Thousands of years ago nature played a great role in adapting to the ecosystem of that period. Waste water found its natural outlet into rivers and estuaries and nature herself played a key role in directing the flow, clearing the wastes, remediate sediments into the elementary form ready to recycle and the flow of clear water continues ABILs primary purpose is to support, supplement and accelerate nature to treat these pollutant and polluted waste water by creating specific conditions to grow specific natural microorganisms that convert the organic waste into its elementary form - ready to recycle and reuse.

Today, in recent times, evolution of lifestyles and health consciousness have changed the waste water characteristics into a complex nature which demands modern scientific and sound technical treatment process which is sustainable and environmentally acceptable. The need for a solution to handle the highly contaminated waste water was imminent. With industrial segments growing at a fast pace, it became practically impossible to let nature take her course and handle the hazardous pollutants. Waste water started piling up and spreading horizontally across segments with each category even more dangerous than the other. And human health was threatened.

When we say industry segments we should be aware that the current waste water has high detection of chemical toxic waste based on industry segments in pharmaceutical manufacturing wast of therapeutic and pharmaceutical: highly contaminated hormones, psychiatric drugs, carcinogens and pharmaceutical residues, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmacological Personal Care product manufacturing waste , unused medicines, along with surfacent cleaners and chemicals. These not only hike up costs for treatment but also add to the failure. Incomplete treatment leads to contamination of our food cycle, by discharging untreated effluents into the environment thus affecting the genetics of human health which is a serious concern. The need for a bio solution has become the need of the hour. There is a vacuum in our environment in fixing and treating all these damaging pollutants not only for the present but also for the future generation.

Our biotech effluent treatments system is scalable and adaptable to any volume of waste from a to SME sector large industries. And, our system is the only waste water treatment plant technology available in the country that can process industrial wastes including pharmaceuticals waste along with human waste.

 waste water
 is the
 bio-remediation technology
 available in India. We
mother nature’s own tools - biologically derived
bacteria - generated and inoculated continuously from ABG
- to
waste waterinto
its elementary form of environmentally acceptable level of minerals and N2 S2 & Co2, resulting in clear, odorless water. That meet all regulatory requirements.

The environmentally safe consortium of bacteria are capable of bio-remediating the bio waste components, industrial or pharmaceutical pollutants and harmful pathogens along with any decaying biomass
 efficient waste water 
 India today.
 To combat the problems faced to treat waste water, after an extensive years of research, ABIL has come up with a unique solution that resolves the waste water management crisis.


  • Laundry waste water
  • Electroplating
  • Breweries/distilleries
  • Dairy products and ice cream
  • Abattoir
  • Caffeine and coffee processing waste water
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing waste water
    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient including expired and decayed discharges
    Pharmaceutical personal care products expired and damaged
    Bio remediation of therapeutics in sewage
  • Molasses fermentation and food industry waste water
  • Industrial waste water containing solvents and regents and other chemicals
  • Tannery and animal glue waste water
  • Poultry, animal husbandry agriculture waste water
  • Ponds and other water bodies to control algae (bioremediation)
  • Food pulp and sugar industries waste water
  • Contamination of soil
  • Tobacco, nicotine
  • Bio remediation of algae control in the form of spillover
  • Bio remediation of Hydrocarbon pollutants from spillover in petrol bunks and refilling centre
  • Health care
  • Sewage treatments And more

We are constantly developing Bio-remediation solutions for even applications that are on the horizon.

More information mail us: info@aerobicbiotaxy.in