Totally Treated Wastewater litres
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  • We will employ and contract highly skilled experts in the various fields of study that contribute toward bioremediation, including environmental engineers, hydrologists, microbiologists, chemists, mechanical and civil engineers.
  • We are forthright with our clients about all uncertainties in the process.
  • Before bioremediation begins, we will inform all involved parties (clients, regulators, and the affected community) of the performance standards that will be used to evaluate results. Agreed upon performance standards prevents conflicts resulting from transient or trace amounts of contaminants found at sites after the treatment is completed and gives the client a realistic picture of what to expect after the project is completed.
  • We will develop a defined bioengineered design for the treatment program, providing a clear plan for achieving a defined result; including a thorough analysis of the influent and effluent, and applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Our design will be based on site-specific data.
  • The bioremediation plan will include a clearly defined monitoring program. The plan will allow flexibility based on operational data that may indicate a need for system adjustments, especially if the process is innovative. Operators will be informed of the need to adjust the system.