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Environment NGO Philanthropy

Environment NGO Philanthropy


We founded our company to help make for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable environment for today and future generations. We are also dedicated toward providing universal low cost and healthy sanitation wherever needed. From urban slum to rural village, we are confident our systems will effectively solve every sanitation need for the lowest possible cost.

Has your environmental group identified a wastewater polluter that claims there is no remediation technology available to remove or mitigate its environmental damage? That excuse no longer ‘holds water’. Our proven all natural technology will clean-up most polluted water and soil pollution, including petroleum spills.

We know philanthropy! Our founders has been actively involved in several philanthropies in the USA and Africa. We invite you to discuss your philanthropic goals in the sectors of

  • universal sanitation,
  • bio-garbage disposal,
  • emergency sanitation,
  • soil and water pollution remediation,
  • water conservation.

We are more then willing and ready to cooperate with you and help you achieve your commendable goals