Water Reused as of Now

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  • Laundry waste water
  • Electroplating
  • Breweries/distilleries
  • Dairy products and ice cream
  • Abattoir
  • Caffeine and coffee processing waste water
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing waste water
    - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient including expired and decayed discharges
    - Pharmaceutical personal care products expired and damaged
    - Bio remediation of therapeutics in sewage
  • Molasses fermentation and food industry waste water
  • Industrial waste water containing solvents and regents and other chemicals
  • Tannery and animal glue waste water
  • Poultry, animal husbandry agriculture waste water
  • Ponds and other water bodies to control algae (bioremediation)
  • Food pulp and sugar industries waste water
  • Contamination of soil
  • Tobacco, nicotine
  • Bio remediation of algae control in the form of spill over
  • Bio remediation of Hydrocarbon pollutants from spill over in petrol bunks and refilling centre
  • Health care And more

We are constantly developing Bio-remediation solutions for very industrial specific for products waste in various productions stage in manufacturing process to reduce stress load to ETP.

If you’re looking for our bio-remediation engineer in your area or need Additional information about our systems, please contact our team of expert at info@aerobicbiotaxy.in to request additional information click here.