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Kitchen waste garbage is a costly problem for densely populated urbanized areas. It requires the cost of collection, transportation, landfill sites, and pollution mitigation. All of these problems are eliminated when kitchen waste is liquefied by our Waste Hammer and consumed by our Vortex Digester Tank.

Our combined systems eliminate

  • Standing garbage
  • Garbage odors
  • Vermin food sources
  • Garbage-lorry transportation air pollution and road congestion
  • Landfill sites
  • Methane green house gas from landfill waste decomposition
  • Ground water pollution from landfill
  • Municipal landfill operating costs

Our combined systems also ‘mine’ water by biologically extracting H2O from biomass in a closed tank, thereby preventing water loss through evaporation. Because vegetative biomass is 80-90 % water, our combined systems are capable of capturing significant quantities of water for recycling and recharging groundwater, and are a highly effective tool for water conservation.


1.Kitchen waste liquefaction for aerobic digestion

  • Vegetable waste
  • Meat waste
  • Bone waste (limited)
  • Bio-Garbage Waste